Q: I am taking a course, my companion is not but he loves to eat, is there a way he can join for the meal? A: Of course! your companion can join for lunch, please inquire what time he or she should come to Casa Crespo. Lunch for invited guest is $US25.

Q: Is this a demonstration class in which I will just watch, or will I actually cook? A: Classes at Casa Crespo are “hands-on”, there will be lots of chopping, grinding, blending, sautéing, boiling…

Q: Should I bring anything? A: We provide everything at Casa Crespo: ingredients, recipies, apron, utensils. Just bring a camera.

Q: I am a vegetarian, are there options for me? A: There are many options for vegetarians or people who have other food restrictions, please tell us about it when class starts. You just have to remember that most classes are group classes, so everybody has to agree on the menu or you might want to ask for a private class.

Q: Are classes in English or Spanish? A: Most classes are in English, but we also offer classes in Spanish

Q: How long does the class last? A: The morning class around 4 1/2 hours, the private class 4 hours and the afternoon class 2 hours, but that pretty much depends on the menu and the size of the class.

Q: Is tipping included in the price of the class? A: Tipping is not included.