Cooking Classes

Casa Crespo is Oaxaca in its kitchen. Tradition lives there, where chef Oscar Carrizosa, (originally from the Mixteca region) mixes the ingredients of the 16 ethnicities of Oaxaca with the original seasoning that he inherited from his grandma. It´s the perfect place to get to know the flavors and aromas of Oaxacan food in the classes that Oscar gives. To taste a good cup of coffee or a hot chocolat at Casa Crespo while getting ready for your market tour is also a good start to approach Oaxacan cuisine.

The classes that Chef Carrizosa schedules every day, are designed for those who like gastronomy and for those interested in learning about the roots of the culinary culture in Oaxaca. It´s a joy to talk with him about the history of Oaxacan cooking and the contribution that it has had on the national and international gastronomy scene, while his hands wrap his words in a tamal or a quesadilla with “epazote” (a local herb.)

Oscar, who is very friendly, also shows how to smell and identify the aromas that come of the dishes. He presents menu options and the students decide what they would like to cook. There is no fixed menu. He teaches how to cook 3 types of tortillas, 3 types of salsa, an appetizer, soup, mole, dessert and drink. Dishes that strive to remain in the taste buds and memory of those who love good eating.

The price per class is $65 US dollars per person (or its equivalent in pesos.) There is no minimum student enrollment for a class. And if a friend or relative would like to join at the end of the class, they are welcome after 1 pm, to try the dishes created, for $25 US dollars per person. Morning classes last approximately four and a half hours, from Tuesday to Saturday beginning at 10 AM and Sundays at 11 AM

We offer private classes at 1:30 pm

There are also classes in the afternoons, Tuesday through Saturday for $40 US dollars per person. The difference between the morning classes is that this class does not take the market tour. There is a fixed three-course menu and the schedule is from 5 pm to 7 pm:  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays – Cooking with chocolate. Wednesdays and Fridays – Pre Hispanic Cuisine.

The class will go on as scheduled even if there is only one person enrolled. During the classes, everyone actively participates. The classes are not designed to simply observe and listen. There is a lot of work to be done: dice vegetables, peel seeds, fry, season, grind and sing…if you like. And nobody washes dishes. There are also vegetarian options to cook as well or dishes for special dietary restrictions. The class follows along with the chosen menu. The classes can be given in English or Spanish, depending on the group´s preference.

Class fees are paid in cash, in dollars or their equivalent in pesos. Morning classes last approximately four and a half hours, from Tuesday to Saturday beginning at 10 AM and Sundays at 11 AM. In the afternoons, the classes last about two hours, Tuesday to Saturday beginning at 5 PM.

“The joy of eating, is to close your eyes just when you´re tasting your memories…”