Class options


There is no fixed menu, we present menu options and the students decide what they would like to cook. You´d learn how to cook 3 types of tortillas, 3 types of salsas, an appetizer, soup, mole, dessert and a drink. The Price per class is $US65 per person (or its equivalent in pesos) cash. And if a friend or relative would like to join at the end of a class, they are welcome after 1 pm ($US25) Morning clases last approximately four and a half hours, from Tuesdays through Saturdays at 10 am and Sundays at 11 am


Private classes are an excellent choice for those who would prefer a personal attention. You spend approximately 4 hours with Chef Oscar Carrizosa to prepare an afternoon meal as he shares his knowledge of Oaxaca gastronomy. Private class is $US260 for 1 to 4 people, $US65 additional student.


There are also classes in the afternoons, Tuesday through Saturday for $40 US dollars per person. The difference between the morning classes is that this class does not take the market tour. There is a fixed three-course menu and the schedule is from 6 pm to 8 pm:  Tuesdays- Street Food. Wednesdays- Stuffed Chilies. Thursdays- Pre Hispanic Cuisine. Fridays- Cooking with Chocolate. Saturdays- Moles.